Here's the REAL* reason why no Final Fantasy char in dis game!

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Moogles, no one would complain....
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From: SSBR10 | #017
I can assure you that fans will be satisfied with Cloud and only the minority will be complaining about the others.

This. My reactions:

If they put Cloud in - Finally, a proper FF rep!
Sephiroth - Yes, an FF rep AND a villain in one!
Jecht - Sweet, we got a bada**!
Tidus - Man, we dodged a bullet. It could have been Lightning.
Yuna - Does this mean her Lv. 3 is Bahamut overdrive?
Auron - See Jecht.
Ramza - See Cloud
Delita - See Sephiroth
Squall - See Cloud
Cid - No matter which Cid we pick, we win!
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This topic made me want to play Dissidia again.
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Have Zack Fair instead of Cloud.
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Retroxgamer0 posted...
TheExiled280 posted...
when was the last time a FF character appeared in a fighting game SE didn't have complete control over?

Ehrgeiz for PS1

It says Square right on the cover of the game...


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