Forget who you WANT. Realistically who's most LIKELY DLC after Emmett & Kat?

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Gman2989 posted...
I'd like to see Tag from Mod Nation Racers, he could be in a kart which obviously looks different but would play no different than having legs. His moves could be based off MNR weapons, spin, slap, there is plenty to work with.

if anything tag should just be an alt for sackboy. Both characters are represented in the others game through dlc and the companies seem to get along. I like tag but i dont see that happening. maybe a mnr level cross over though
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RE rep, Tomb Raider or another classic like Tomba or someone like that
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CyborgTwenty posted...
dude_meister512 posted...
Gabe Logan and Dart.

Two of the most requested 1st party characters within reason. Syphon Filter has been on PS1, PS2 and PSP and Bend are often rumoured to be working on a Vita installment. Legend of Dragoon nails an RPG rep which will shut a lot of people up.

wander and ico are way more requested then gabe logan.

Maybe you missed "within reason". We know Team Ico don't want their "art" sullied. So that's them out. And then more or less every other fan request is third party or ridiculously obscure.
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Realistically, probably Wander and Ezio/Connor
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With the AC Liberation out, it means that Sony has gotten a very good relationship with Ubisoft. i'm expecting a ubisoft rep TBH
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CAW Evolution posted...
Ryu Hayabusa. Mink said he's in, and Mink accurately predicted the entire roster before the leak happened. He clearly has a source.

TheMink guessed ryu back in August, before they even planned on making DLC. Unless he can see into the future i doubt he has a source. Plus he also said final fantasy would have an item.
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Probably Dart, but I'm not sure who he'd be with.
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