complete list of diferences between the two coles

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just tested all of this m'self

- blue's stunning combo ender does 10 less damage, while when red gets the same move he does the same as the other two finishers but no stun

- blues grind 2 lets you get a combo afterwards, red's instead does a wallbounce and 10 more damage

- different hitboxes on u1 and au2. I feel like blue can get more off of his version.

- red's ad1 has an alternate version that does two hits (same damage) and an aoe knockback. he also has a sweetspot that I think is a glitch where he gets the extra hit for falling from up high but still does the stunning version you get when low to the ground

- when you hit someone with 5 n2 bolts in a short time, blue does about 30 more AP while red casuses an explosion that hurts everyone besides the target for 20

- blue throws grenades faster then red

- blues d2 is faster and has better range, but red does more damage and does a wallbounce. blues ad2 gets you a combo while red's has a noticeable kickback to it that really slows your decent , both air versions of this move have the same range

- double rocket does more damage, double grenade does not

- there doesn't seem to be any difference in their level 's

- instead of a knockdown red gets a groundbounce on his down throw.
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-red can uppercut
This frustrated me so much playing good cole on arcade
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what's not to get?
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lol_what posted...

what's not to get?

Your name..
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lol_what posted...

what's not to get?

Nothing, you've done a fine job, it's just the format that throws some people off. PSASBR's button reference format isn't quite set yet.

Personally I just use a modified SSB: S - Square, T - Triangle, O - Circle.

Up+S, Side+S, Down+S, S, Aerial Up+S etc. etc. etc.
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