Even Smash Bros has better netcode than this lmao. Game unplayable online.

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I know he's just trolling, but honestly I would rather have slow-mo lag rather than teleporting lag. At least when the game's going slowly it shows everything that's happening so you don't get hit by a close range super when it looks like you're safely halfway across the screen...


Think about it.
Would you rather try to dodge a slow motion bullet or be forced to where blindfolds and dodge a teleporting one you can't see?

I'd rather have the 1 in 10+ matches of experiencing teleporting than 100 percent chance of unplayable button latency.

Smash's code is on par with snk games.
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Meh, I would rather have the Vita UMvC3 connection, AKA no lag so I can actually pull off Doom swag combos, Raikousen loops, and Morrigan's repeated fly/unfly stuff combos
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TC is obviously trolling and I hope no one takes him seriously but he's right nontheless.

Netcode needs some serious work, possibly even an overhaul.
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So in a million years I never though I'd say this but smash bros 6 year old online netcode>>>>this. FACT


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Obvious Kahn alt is obvious.
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Dont feed guys Leetsh*tgamer is a legendary troll on several boards now
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I agree with the troll. I get frustrated by teleport lag much more than I do by slowdown. At least wih slowdown both players are at an equal disadvantage at the same time. In teleport lag it helps one person and screws the other. And smash's netcode wasnt that bad, I played hundreds of no lag matches on there, I feel like matches lag at about the same consistency between both games.
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