This new guy isn't Dante. [SPOILERS]

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I came into this topic prepared to be exasperated. I am pleasantly surprised.
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furygods posted...
I'm surprised that there are quite a few gamefaqs posters not familiar with poetry... And the great Dante...

What a shame.

I think the words you're looking for are:
"Uncultured swine!"
Or something along those lines.

But yeah, Dante's a G. Didn't need no swear words to be badass. Just up and took a tour of hell. Because why not right? These new "Dante"s ain't got no respect for the classics.
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This topic has officially shed light on the pure ignorance that has swamped this board.

Read a book, people.

As for the TC, you're awesome. Let's be best friends.
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I wanna be best Gamefaqs Friends with TC.
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Yeah, I'm also surprised more people don't realize that the Dante they know and love is based on a poem. I mean if it's not, then there's just a s***load of incredible coincidences lol
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dante alighieri?
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They even made a (crummy) game about it...

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gamefaqs pretty much pimp smacked the strategy guide industry. ~blutoblutarskyX
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Speaking of which, was Inferno any good?
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Dante Alighieri wasn't a part of any group and he did not travel around the after life.
He was a poet who had a dream about his mentor Vergil and what happened to him after his death.
He then converted this dream into a poem describing how he imagines the after life to be.
He was exiled due to his vision of hell being different to what the catholic church believed hell to be so he kept writing purgatory and heaven in exile.
He isn't some sort of super human, just a man with an imagination and skill at writing