Let's reminisce; PSASBR at Tokyo Game Show

#31sinncrossPosted 12/5/2012 3:03:28 AM
I was at TGS and watched the PSBR vid.

It was a fun vibe.
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God that was one of the most disspoining things i have ever watched..it made me hate the game for 2 weeks..then i started to like it again :D
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I recall the 3 of us had a nice convo about Catherine during the chat

That was when we hated each other, so I didn't contribute much, but I did mention that I loved the game and you seemed pretty pleased by that. Having played the game for my first time, I thought it was one of the best gaming experiences I had on modern consoles...playing through the game again, I was able to see how the game failed just a tiny bit. Decisions really didn't matter in the game, it still leads to the same outcome (you still leave Catherine).

That part of the game was disappointing, but it's something I would have never experienced if I just stayed with my first playthrough. The game still had a very gripping and mysterious plot, and the twist was well worth the effort. The gameplay was very challenging as well, on harder difficulties.

Vincent is easily one of my most requested characters for All-Stars.

Thanks for the spoiler, bud. Not like I was planning to go play the game or anything =|

Sorry. :3 Kinda-sorta a big spoiler, but not nearly as much as I could have spoiled. You'll still get plenty out of playing the game. Definitely not the biggest spoiler in the game either.

It's ok Choco! I have such a huge backlog, that hopefully I'll forget by the time I come around to playing it lol. I'll take your word for it that it's not a big spoiler, too. Hopefully, that'll make me forget even harder! Haha
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