Why is there less STUFF than Melee/Brawl?

#11blaze19_0XPosted 12/5/2012 12:53:38 PM(edited)

29 stages
26 characters
30+ items
+homerun minigame
+target tests
+adventure mode
+Event mode

PSASBR after DLC we know so far

21 stages (yes training stages count, otherwise Melee neutrals don't count either)
22 characters
20 items
+Kill limit mode (Smash still doesn't have this mode)
+Online (Melee didn't have this)
+Tutorials (Basic, advanced, combos for characters)
+Combat Trials (10 general, 21-25 for each character)

Keep in mind more DLC is likely on the way.
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#12blaze19_0XPosted 12/5/2012 12:58:00 PM
Oh and to answer you question it's because of budget. Smash is one of Nintendo's go-to flagship titles that's a major system seller. This is a new untested IP.

Even so you'd be hard pressed to find many fighters that have more than 20 fighters in the first installment while this already does (when including the free DLC). Persona 4 Arena only has 13 characters.
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#13TheMightyOakPosted 12/5/2012 12:58:08 PM
Budget was the right answer. Like the game but it's obvious the budget is not the same as the Bros series
#14blaze19_0XPosted 12/5/2012 1:00:27 PM
To be honest I think Superbot did a terrific job content wise considering the obvious limited budget they have.

Again look at Persona 4 arena. Made directly by a mega-corporation with no budget constraints and yet only has 13 characters.
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#15Habefiet(Topic Creator)Posted 12/5/2012 1:00:30 PM
All of the presented points make sense to me except these two:

Everything in this game had to be checked for balance

As far as I can tell no one thinks the game is balanced. It's too early to tell imo (people crying about this or that being broken when the game hasn't even been out a month yet, give it time), but if they really checked everything for balance, they might have rushed a little bit for release purposes. Just my impression though.

Because in Melee, there were two Cpt Falcons, three Marios, two Foxes, two Links...

In PSABR, we have 20 characters that play nothing alike.


Also I dunno where you're pulling the three Marios number from. I'm guessing you're referring to Melee, but by that game Luigi actually had a completely different moveset from Mario. And Dr. Mario isn't in Brawl, they're back down to just Mario and Luigi (thus no Mario clones).

ALSO basically all the clones play very differently at a high level of play, to the point that some of them aren't even the same level of goodness. I'm gonna use examples from Melee since that's the game I know better. Some clones, like Pikachu and Pichu, are kinda dumb because Pichu really is just a worse Pikachu for all intents and purposes, but take, say, Marth and Roy. Their moves all do look the same, but differences in hitboxes, weights/fallspeeds, etc. cause them to require completely different play--they have different combos, different tactics for recovery, and Roy's a hell of a lot worse, lol. Fox and Falco are both mad good and their moves all "look" the same but are very, very different.

ALSO you named almost all the characters that are clones. Even if we remove every single "clone" character from the game, Brawl still has about 30 unique characters and Melee has ~20.

The other points that everyone has made all seem relatively sensible imo and include some stuff I hadn't thought of. I appreciate the viewpoints.

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because this is not Smash Bros.

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I like Brawl.
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From: UltraOshawott | Posted: 12/5/2012 3:09:42 PM | #017
I like Brawl.

and theres nothing wrong with that. millions liked the smash games
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#19ExcIusivity69Posted 12/5/2012 1:19:26 PM
It's the first installment. Many fighting games sequels use the prequel as a base, and add a ton of stuff, as well as improve the game overall. That's why fighting games sequels usually have bigger rosters ,and more "stuff". Because all the necessary work has already been done, and a sequel to this game is easily going to focus on extra stuff.
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#20Dragongreen547Posted 12/5/2012 1:25:54 PM
Because Playstation all-stars isn't Melee/Brawl? And it isn't made by the same people? Hmm nah that couldn't be it.
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