Why is there less STUFF than Melee/Brawl?

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TheMightyOak posted...
To add to my budget thing earlier. You can tell the guys who made it wanted it to be good. Look at the backgrounds on those levels and just how awesome the levels are. The characters are also very different and very awesome. The issue is you can tell they were resource stricken from things like the menus, and potentially the character and stage list. I feel like it's a pretty decent selection of characters and stages, particularly in the era of patch/DLC, but if you look at brawl I think it's obvious Sony was afraid to go all in on this. A Brawl level of investment would have meant a robust single player and a beefier multiplayer option, more optimized menus, and a lot of addons. You could have added tons of unlockable music and costumes. 2 default costumes per character with 2-3 pallet swaps per character seems rushed to me.

I'm hoping it sold over Sony's expectations so they go "oh wow we shoulda really went al in on this and we coulda made bank, lets do it right next time." They said sales were where they expected and the sales aren't amazing which, while they obviously could just be lying, could also mean the game was just lower budget so homerun sales weren't necessary to make a decent profit.

Yeah, it's just risk aversion. They wouldn't want to sink 100 million dollars into developing this game, only to see it fail. It makes more sense to make a lower-budget game and test the waters, get a sense for what the demand is and what people want.

That's why I'm so excited, PSASBR 2 is gonna be a beast of a game. =)
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