Fighting game casuals act like they know who the best characters are right away.

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NoJobBob posted...
This game has been out how long again? Dont you people understand that you have to let a game GROW? Fighting games evolve so quickly. So many people act like it's 100% confirmed that sackboy, kratos and raiden were the best....3 months from now i can guarantee this wouldnt have been the case without patches

look at marvel vs capcom 3. when the first version came out people thought chun li and sentinel were amazing...chun li ended up bottom tier. sentinel ended up as one of the worst characters to fight as in the game

in ultimate marvel wesker was deemed the best character almost he is barely even considered a top 10 character

i know for many of you this may be your first fighting game, but seriously, stop crying for patches. you are ruining this game. give it 6 months before you patch crap

But you are one of the casuals.
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I see a lot of people give suggestions on how to beat Kratos. I have no issues with him, generally, because yeah, blocking and dodging correctly will get you pretty far.

What I don't see, though, is anyone actually giving useful advice against Sackboy. You can't block or dodge to get in on the ground because of the electric pad, and coming in from the air is near impossible due to all the projectiles. Even if you do get in close, there is usually not even enough room to hit him without running into the electric pad.

Further, he doesn't have any reason to come out of his little corner because his projectiles cover most if not all of the map, and he is easily assured to get his Level 3 with just projectiles. And as if that's not enough, he has perhaps the best Level 3, guaranteeing five or six kills in a free for all, with the opponent not able to dodge.

It's not like I run into one every game, but I have yet to see a Sackboy fail to get his Level 3 in a match if he goes for it. And that's with me specifically gunning for the little guy most of the time. I might delay it for ~30 seconds, but it's not enough at the current AP gain.

No character should be guaranteed a Level 3, and if they are, it shouldn't be a double screen clear. The nerf is necessary.