ATTN: Bringing up valid concerns about the game is now and forever whining.

#21Zero_Shame(Topic Creator)Posted 12/6/2012 9:26:30 PM
KillDozer123 posted...
Can't people just talk about the game NORMALLY? You know, without calling anyone who says anything bad about it "whining", OR people simply pretending to hate it because one character they wanted didn't make it in?

I'm certainly getting a clue as to how to talk about this game when I finally get it.

That would be great if we could, but the people here are some of the worst you could find. People are bringing up valid concerns and people like the 2 posters before me just try to brush it off and say "lern 2 play nub herp derp"

This board is home to the dumbest of the dumb sadly, luckily there are a few people like myself who call those clowns out on their ignorant BS in hopes of making this board less trashy.