People shouldn't be surprised by the sales.

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Kindertotenwald posted...
I don't see why sales are being brought up constantly, especially when we don;t have any definite info, there is so much more interesting things we could discuss, like match ups, combos, tricks etc.

It will go away once people find what really went down. Right now people are anxious to see whether or not the game will continue to receive DLC support and thats why they are hoping it sold well.

People still want crash and others obviously.
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I feel like I need to just copy + paste this. XD

I can't believe that after all this time and after all the liars, phonies, fakes and frauds that we've dealt with, people are still taking posts from NeoGAF as gospel.

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that the entire report was likely fabricated and is entirely inaccurate. It should also be noted that user Afro Gunsou is not animation voice actor Jerry Jewell, despite him claiming otherwise.

So much for the expert credibility of NeoGAF, right? Except that people still accept anything posted on that website as unquestionably true.

You can see the vapid naivety in just that statement alone. "He is not Jerry Jewell, despite claiming otherwise." Aka 'he said it on the internet so we assumed it was true'.

C'mon guys, NeoGAF is an irrelevant joke and you all know that.
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