Can they please add like at least ten new characters?

#21Bestia_SomniaPosted 12/7/2012 12:53:33 PM(edited)
PyroSpark posted...
The thought of this happening, truly frightens me. But Dante wouldn't be a waste of a slot, considering he's a real playstation allstar. And Playstation Advertisement Allstars could really use that. >_>

Yes, he would be a waste of a slot. We don't need two Dante's in the game just because some people weren't satisfied with the Dante we got.

Lets put all of Sly's ancestors in the game too whilst we're at it. How about pre-cyborg MGS2 Raiden also?
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ZeroBeats Ghost posted...
What's the point? If you got bored of twenty characters this fast, you'd get bored of ten more in half the time.

Ten more characters, is ten more characters to learn, beat arcade mode with, more icons, more backgrounds. It adds more strategy because you have ten more characters to be thinking, "Okay what are they gonna do?", etc. It's the best.
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