Couldn't Evil Cole's Level 3 be considered a spoiler for Infamous 2?

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First time I saw it I didn't know what was happening but when I finally beat the game with Evil Cole then it made sense.
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What if they suddenly gained an interest in InFamous from playing this game? o:
Though I imagine his Lv3 super attack doesn't spoil THAT much. Maybe one big plot point at worst. There's a lot of game to cover.

It spoils an entire ending. The worst part, is that you can tell WHAT it spoils after playing the first mission in the game. XD

But this spoiler doesn't even cover the best/worst part of that ending.

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From: An_Unkind_RGN | #007
If you played through Infamous you would know that Cole decided to prepare for the beast after the final battle in the first game, so no it isnt a spoiler whatsoever.

It spoils more than that.

Wayyy more than that.

He becomes what he was supposed to destroy, dooms humanity for power. Granted, it was noble in a conduits view, it was selfish in the eyes of regular people. Take what you will from the evil ending it's hands down the better of the two.
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Also, Drake's level 3 is a spoiler as well in a way.
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Lets be honest. If you haven't played Infamous 2 yet you are a bad person and deserve the ending to be spoiled.
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It's one of the biggest crossover spoilers I can think of.
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taoxadasa posted...
Also, Drake's level 3 is a spoiler as well in a way.

Not really.

Anyway, they should have just made the ionic storm Evil Coles level 3
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The fact that people go around saying its a spoiler is more of a spoiler.
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doesn't really spoil much, like Letterman saying Batman dies at the end of Dark Knight Rises
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This topic is the real spoiler.
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