Who should be the PSP rep?

#51shadow of sonic 2001Posted 12/10/2012 6:22:39 PM
Avan Hardins.
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ChocoboDreams posted...
sinncross posted...
Why do people have a hard time reading first party characters...

I don't see "first-party" anywhere in your opening post or title.

Edit: Never mind, found it, but you can't blame people for not bothering to read past the title and poll itself (especially if they don't need a reference for each character).

Dead Head Fred.

fair enough, noted!

ArmedDragoon posted...
sinncross posted...
Really just a race between Uberhero and Jeanne atm, both whom I think could be good reps. (Uberhero should at least be there).

Too bad about Dark Lord... he could make a good Fat Princess variant.

All three of them would make amazing choices. The roster would be all but filled up, Jeanne would be the desperately needed JRPG rep, Uberhero reps THE franchise for the PSP, and Overlord Badman could do a lot to add some personality to this game.

Yeah I agree with all 3.
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