Best taunt in the game?

#31RainbowsaurusPosted 12/11/2012 4:39:08 AM
3D3 posted...
So they got rid of Sly's "You are no challenge, and no fun"? That was salty.

That's still my favorite taunt, even if it isn't in the game anymore xD

As for in-game taunts....Heihachi's laugh. It's so rage inducing!
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Zen_Zarab posted...
I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
Sweet Tooth dancing and laughing.

Reminds me of a half assed joker taunt from MKvDCU.

with the inclusion of that taunt/fatality in the new MK....I would personally suggest not to bring up MK vs DC if possible. Mentioning that game to die hard MK fans still cause nausea and insomnia. ;)
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PirateKing290 posted...
Anyone not saying Spike's "I'm still better than you" needs to get their priorities checked. It can be used in every single situation.

So can sweet tooths Dance. you just died? Dance around to celebrate. You just killed someone? Dance around to celebrate!