Your Top Five DLC Hopefuls

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3 years ago#71
Mega Man X
Lara Croft
3 years ago#72
Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the dragon
Those are the only two i can think of, but if they can be from ANYTHING then id choose

Finn from adventure time,
Ada Wong from resident evil
Leon Kennedy Also from resident evil
Absol from pokemon
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3 years ago#73
In no particular order

Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the Dragon
Yu Narukami or Minato
Abe the Mudoken
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3 years ago#74
Abe (Oddworld)
Big Hat Logan (Dark Souls)
Dart (LoD)
Gene (God Hand)
Raziel (Soul Reaver)
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Dart and Abe for PSASBR!
3 years ago#75
1. Nathan Hale
2. Ellen from Folklore
3. James Heller
4. Spyro IG version
5. Crash ND version

I honestly just wanna make a petition to sony to buy the Crash IP "don't know about Spyro" away from activision. I truly miss crash and spyro.
3 years ago#76
1. Sora
2. Cloud
3. Dart
4. Wander
5. Spyro
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3 years ago#77
-Zone of the enders mech
-Jake and finn
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3 years ago#78
1) Crash
2) Spyro
3) Gex
4) Lara Croft
5) Gabe Logan
3 years ago#79
1) Rose - good character from Legend of Dragoon. Most people want Dart, but rose is just as good, plus she's another female to fill out the cast.

2) Lightning - a fantastic final fantasy character, and better and more deserving than freakin Kratos.

3) Toan from Dark Cloud - great game, awesome character (despite his lack of dialogue). Either him or Leonard from White Knight chronicles. Similar plot elements anyway.

4) Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles

5) Laharl from Disgaea
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3 years ago#80
I want a Resistance rep, but sadly, there wouldn't be many abilities other than guns. =(

Solaire or Ostrava
That's really it for me. There's no point mentioning Crash and Spyro. They're trying to get the characters in already.
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