Sly Freaking Cooper...

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User Info: anminter

4 years ago#11
TheoDerek posted...
What's even worse is that most Sly players are actually terrible at the game.

In my experience if I'm playing a stock match and it's just me and Sly left I murder him.

I've never played a good Sly in a 1v1(set up that way or otherwise). I think it's because Sly players don't actually need good fighting game basics. They just need a distraction.

I agree, annoying ass character.

you havent played me yet lol
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User Info: holysquid

4 years ago#12
Especially when you face Sly's that spam the electric roll non stop. I have no trouble blocking it but punishing it is annoying to do as Sly is propelled in the air and back a bit when he's blocked.
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User Info: TheoDerek

4 years ago#13
anminter posted...
you havent played me yet lol

No, I don't believe I have.

Psn: Sasuke3759

2 stock, no items/hazards

I'm about to go to work though. I'll be available to play in about 10-11 hrs from the time of this post. That'll be 8:30-9:30am(gmt-5). I work third shift.

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