Poll: Best character in this game, in your opinion?

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NJ is the home of Clashtournaments as well. They host tournys with Brawl/Melee and recently PSASBR as well. If you went out to a big one there's a good chance you'd meet him.
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blaze19_0X posted...
I'm surprised so few have said Evil Cole considering the results show that Evil Cole has won the most. Dabuz has been dominating NJ tournys with him and the first online tourny Allstararena did was also won by a different Evil Cole player.

Anyway as good as Kratos's frame data is, his supers are overall probably average. So you have to consider that as well. That's why I don't think he's truly the best in 1 vs 1. Possibly 2 vs 2 or FFA.

probably because it takes a while to get really used to him. You can't just pick up the controller like with Kratos, Raiden or arguably Sly and be good with him. Yes you can just super punch and level 1 but it's pretty easy to dodge that. A good Evil Cole player won't just do that.
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I havent played long but every time raiden appears he pretty much slaughters everyone else
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