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User Info: Joehop007

4 years ago#21
BarelyIntiated posted...
Nobody ever mentions this but how about Xenosaga? That is a playstation 2 exclusive
and I think it might be neat to have someone from that series

That's an iffy one. As much as I really love Xenosaga, I think its unlikely for a Xenosaga rep to be in the game. If there is one, I'd pick KOS-MOS.
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User Info: Flownaway86

4 years ago#22
Stop saying Sora. Disney won't ever let them have him. As much as I want him in, that's the truth.

Personal favorites for me are Ellen from Folklore and some FF character (There are a lot of swordman already so I would say Terra or Lightning)

I doubt Ellen will be in, so Dart has a huge chance to make it in too.

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