So I played as Raiden Online

#11Random-KatePosted 12/29/2012 8:05:49 AM
Pff. Levels don't matter. I've seen plenty of 999s that suck. Well, most of them being Kratos.
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I don't think I would get hatemail, as I always play Spike, Toro, or PaRappa.
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Chilly82 posted...
If you are a level 999 though you are probably pretty good considering how much practice you've had.

Not really. You can get character level up offline and even if you don't win.
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#14Chilly82Posted 12/29/2012 12:51:35 PM
Well in my experience the higher the level usually means a better player.
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According to a sweet tooth and Kratos, Dabuz and I have been "Butt Buddies" since the third grade. The hate is strong with those guys.
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I question just how much belt rank really means. My brother faced the number 5 ranked player in the world in ranked around 5A EST today (a Nariko), and I wasn't impressed. The Nariko won, but it was really the same stuff I've seen from countless other Narikos, only with more rolling and less blades out of the ground. I was extremely surprised at the player's poor use of her L3. It's possible the player was tired, distracted or maybe laggy (he/she didn't appear laggy on our end though). We were both looking forward to seeing what the upper echelon of this game looks like and both came away disappointed after watching that Nariko.