Top 3 worst moves in your main's moveset?

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I just did.

Go in practice mode. Set opponent to block at the first opening he gets. Try doing anything after forward + square. It's blockable because the stab takes too long to recover. So once again, no, it's not possible.

if you set the cou to block obviously but against a moving target or if you do it from behind how will the person react in time to guard or roll? Especially, online. Don't think those players will intentionally guard you and only you when there are other worries like 2 other opponents.

Not sure if serious.

You truly need to fight some actual decent players. Something that is not a combo doesn't suddenly become a combo just because the occasional online scrub fall for it.

Whether an opponent is facing backwards or moving, there is no follow-up potential from Sir Dan's stab. There's no inhuman reactions or anticipating required. I get hit by the stab, I get a huge window where Sir Dan is recovering. I just hold block or evade roll. Even an amateur could escape it once they know about it. The move only being useful alongside a partner is exactly why it's a terrible move. I shouldn't have edited my original post because forward+square is infinitely worse than down+square.
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Sonic Eruptor being rathet's worst move?


You can trap them in the corner with that thing just like with the Ryno and keep doing it endlessly. They cant even block it cause it guard breaks.
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Ratchet's worst moves are his Wrench Slam and Mr.Zurkon.
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Kratos - every one of his moves has a situation where it would be the best option, so idk.
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Evil Cole:
Neutral Triangle, and uh... Forward Throw.
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- Super Hoola-Hoop
This thing is pretty useless, doesn't help at all.

- Magic Punch
You almost never have a time to charge this thing. It has uses, but they are limited.

- Slingback Shooter
Decent anti-air, but he usually has better options.

He doesn't really have bad moves, but these are the 3 worst.
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RoyMaster4 posted...

- Super Hoola-Hoop
This thing is pretty useless, doesn't help at all.

Yet another Spike user who doesn't know what he is talking about.
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From: AndKevinBacon | #003
1. Up Circle (Mass Inverter)
2. Neutral Circle (Gyro Burster)
3. Down Triangle (Beam Reflexor)

This. They suck :I

And I might add Peace Maker for its horrendously low AP gain, but it still has its uses.
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1. Up Circle (Drumstick)
2. Side Circle (Dan Hand)
3. Ground Down Triangle (Hammer) (Sucks on ground, but good in mid-air)

Big Daddy:
1. All Square Moves
2. O (Flame)
3. Triangle (Drill Punch)

Fat P:
1. Down Circle (Bomb)
2. Down Square (Wand Sweep)
3. Side Triangle (Pattycake)
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Fire Spit
Mutton Throw
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