What's your age and main?

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4 years ago#101
19 and Sackboy/Dante
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4 years ago#102
20, Ratchet/Toro

Ratchet for winning, Toro for taking naps.
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4 years ago#103
22, Raiden
4 years ago#104
Rip ones heart out with my bare hands, Watching the lifeless body drop to the floor, laughing, Blood gushing down a path straight to Hell!... PSN: HellzAssassn
4 years ago#105
15. Spike and Parrappa
4 years ago#106
23, Fat Princess
PSN: Blackspawn89
4 years ago#107

Ratchet!! :D
4 years ago#108

Playing: LoL. IGN: AdamsInferno, Asura's Wrath, Battle Royale
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4 years ago#109
Just made 20.

Ratchet, Spike, Heihachi, Jak, Dan, and others. I pretty much play with almost everyone to some extent.
PSN: KagePakkunX.
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4 years ago#110
#1 Kratos player of PSABR point, blank, period.

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