All-Stars? there needs to be more.

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Good to see somebody else remembers Maximo! :D
He'd be my main in a heartbeat if he ever was added.
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Rainbowsaurus posted...
Good to see somebody else remembers Maximo! :D
He'd be my main in a heartbeat if he ever was added.

exactly the point of this topic.
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another reason im throwing out the character names/franchises that no one is talking about, is there would be more appropriate match-ups.

it seems that people are a little bit confused by the rivals & it makes sense, fat princess vs evil cole ... yup.

look at it this way if you get:

Raziel in the game, then he is more or less a perfect rival for Evil Cole (both are evil & use melee weapons and powers).
Put Nathan Hale in the game and you have someone on par with Radec (more so than Sir Daniel is).
Have one of the Hot Shots Golf characters go up against Fat Princess.
if they would put in Rau from Mark of Kri then you got someone strong enough for Big Daddy.
If they put in Maximo then he's picture perfect opposite for Sir Daniel (Maximo is a brave knight in life, while Sir Daniel was a coward).
Leon or Claire vs Cole (hell if they can survive the monsters in Resident Evil...)
Rikkimaru vs Raiden. Old school ninja vs new technology ninja, why not?
Put Nariko up against one of the Onimusha characters
And of course Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake, its been said before.

Of course the characters they put in are because of up coming games, who's hot right now with a mix of (some*) old favorites and those that they could make deals with, the companies that own the characters.

Can Anyone else think of Playstation-character match ups that look promising/possible?
(and no Spider-Man vs Batman isnt a playstation match up).
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People are talking about putting in underrated characters? (sounds like an opinion, like if someone mentions Dark Cloud, someone might think its underrated but the game got a sequel and so did Mark of Kri, so sales brought out a sequel from the original game, not really underrated in a practical sense).

I think its important to bring in more original Playstation exclusive characters, as many as they can (like some of the 15 characters i mentioned), much like they did with Sir Daniel and Parappa. IF they dont do more of this -and god knows when a sequel is coming if even on the PS3, maybe it wont be until the PS4- and instead they wait until the next game, even less of the consumers buying the games will know who the older, classic characters are (as it stands now, not enough people who have the game know who Spike or Toro are, as opposed to Kratos or Nathan Drake, imagine trying to bring in Regina from Dino Crisis on a Playstation All-Stars sequel in 2 or 3 years from now, it wont be good).

Seriously people have mentioned it that more characters from franchises that started on Playstation (like Resident Evil or Final Fantasy) need to be in this game, granted its how willing the companies who own those characters are to making deals with Sony to let them use said characters.

And i know Sony gives their ideas on who needs to be in the game (yay a sequel or a remake is coming out, lets promote it!) yeah sure, but the title says ***Playstation All-Stars*** not "New Playstation Title-Characers" the title gives off an impression to those long time Playstation Fans!

In the original Super-Smash Bros. Nintendo and developer HAL Labs worked together to bring classic Nintendo game's characters together to brawl it out. They could have gone the easy route and added current hot-shots and big name sellers like James Bond (from Goldeneye) or Turok from the self-named games, but they didnt. They called on their classics to the forefront. And they even took characters unknown to get out of their vehicles to duke it out with Captain Falcon and Fox. They even took an RPG character, Ness and threw him into the fray! They didnt forget about him.

Damn good decisions from Nintendo on their first time out. And the only decision for a character that confuses me, by whoever gave the green light for this (obviously to promote the 3rd game in its franchise only...) but putting in Big Daddy? really? a character who was first, for over a year, in a Microsoft exclusive game in Bioshock? Yeah ... i can see how thats an obviously better choice than throwing in Maximo or Gabe Logan, really, it makes ... perfect ... sense.

Doesnt anyone look at these things and think about them for even 5 minutes???
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Big daddy was added on behalf of ken levine since he asked. Noe sony gets bioshock 1 for free withbpurchase of bioshock infinite and bio 2 for free on ps plus. U don't burn bridges when a dev asks for a char to be in a game.

Also big daddy is quite a popular charaycer and so are the games.
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Santaeid posted...
Big daddy was added on behalf of ken levine since he asked. Noe sony gets bioshock 1 for free withbpurchase of bioshock infinite and bio 2 for free on ps plus. U don't burn bridges when a dev asks for a char to be in a game.

Also big daddy is quite a popular charaycer and so are the games.

Ahh this is good information, now im no longer confused as to why Big Daddy is in the game (the underlying reason at least, besides promoting the new games release). Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

Even still though, it doesnt take much away from the point of having more Playstation Exclusive characters in the game. The original N64 Super Smash Bros. had 12 standard characters (which includes those you need to unlock), While Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has only 20 ... two whole generations of consoles, upgraded technology and storage data in the game formatt and only 8 characters difference with no unlockable characters?

C'mon now, if only less time was spent with the business side of things for DLC sales than maybe more could have been done to make this game from a "Solid Fun experience" to a "Great PS3 instant classic" really, taking an extra month to add more wouldnt have hurt.
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Ballistic_kiss posted...
*Raziel from Soul Reaver 1 & 2 (i dont know if crystal dynamics or eidos own the rights to him but hes a combat/adventure character how can he not be perfect for this?)
*Aya Brea from Parasite Eve 1, 2 & the 3rd birthday (c'mon now we gotta have more female characters that dont rely on cake or blades, not that its a bad thing but variety helps).
*Regina from Dino Crisis 1 & 2 (if Aya Brea could be in, why not Regina? seriously i think a level 3 super with her being chased by huge T-Rex sprinting across the screen is an idea that sells itself).
*Rikimaru from the Tenchu Series (Again it speaks for itself, if you know Tenchu then you know it got started on the Playstation. while some adaptations have gone to other consoles later on, Tenchu has had more success on Playstation consoles than anywhere else.)
*Maximo from the self-titled Maximo games (Maximo got 2 good games that started towards the earlier years of the PS2 cant see why he cant be in the All-Stars).
*Nathan Hale from the Resistance games. (do i need to really need to explain this? put him in and we have a proper match for Radec).
*Rau from Mark of Kri & Rise of Kasai (another warrior and of a different style from the rest. Both games were important from the earlier days of the PS2, more mature than most.)
*Gabe Logan from the Syphon Filter games (really this stealth-action character is an integral part of Playstation. a super with an incapacitating Taser attack is a given.)
*Samanosuke or Jubei Yagyuu from the Onimusha games (they were huge on the PS2 great games with good combat, does there have to be another reason? its gotta be done).
*Rock or Taki from the Soul Series (originally both were in Soul Blade which came before Soul Calibur. But with Soul Blade, Soul Calibur 3 & Broken Destiny more more of the series have been Playstation Exclusives than on any other console, besides Heihachi needs an opponent on par with him).
*Leon/Claire from their respective Resident Evil games (they were both in the original's that started it all and havent been seen in anything out from their franchise, its ripe for the picking).
*Hot Shots Golf character (i mean why not? its a long running series on all Playstation consoles and if you stop to think about it; putters, sand-traps and using golf carts and mega-drive shots for supers, its not that hard to put into practice).
*Jet Moto Racer (Jet Moto was awesome back in the day, creative thinking goes a long way).
*Richard Miller from Time Crisis (granted the series got its start in the Arcades but on the consoles, its been a Playstation staple if you had a Guncon. with tons of guns and hazard explosions and such for moves and supers, this would be a funny addition).
*Warhawk soldier (its been said, but not enough, with the original on the Playstation & the 2007 online remake, with all the weapons, vehicles, and the Warhawk itself, i dont see how this cant be in the game).

That right there is 10 additional characters. From a marketing standpoint the DLC is easy, either for individual characters, or in a 5 character pack or all 15.

You have a truck load of Capcom characters listed. Do you (or anyone for that matter) really think that Capcom (a company that specializes in making fighting games) would give the rights to use so many of their legends to make superbots game better?

People need to realize that Sony us not Nintendo and they don't own the rights to basically 80% of the games that made the PS1 and PS2 so popular.

This game is fun, can't people just be happy about that.
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You missed the point TC, people are asking for Dart because he's a Sony character. It only makes sense that he be in a game about Playstation, Legend of Dragoon is a first party title.

But he probably won't make it, Legend of Dragoon isn't popular enough anymore.
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