Confirm or Deny: Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed has more Allstars than this.

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Not knowing who a character is is irrelavent to being an all-star. There's are people who don't know who joe from shinobi is or vyse but at the same time their games like most of the characters on sega all star game have games that were selling well and popular in their day. Even not knowing who Vyse is he's not a character people would object to being in the game like my of what people would call obscure sega.

Even if we take out the filler characters as I said it still has a better roster because at the end of the day people will hate on sega choices a lot less than those from this game.

You probably should apply what you said in the first sentence to yourself. Every character besides Toro and Big Daddy, Raiden, and Dante are All Stars. They have done something in playstation history that is remarkable.

Comparing a sega game roster to a Sony game roster is a horrible comparison when most people associate Sega with Sonic.

>Japanese mascot of Sony
>Is not important to Playstation


In other words, no reading comprehension.
this is the most ridiculous argument you could be making right now. at least all the roster in PSABR were actually on games for the playstation. TF2 is connected to sega how?

And you complain about Big Daddy.

Man, guest characters sure are hard to understand!

Anything you say has no weight in the matter because you clearly are not familiar with Sega's history if you honestly think that Sonic is the only character that matters.
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