C/D Drake > Radec at keepaway

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Best keepaway in the game hands down.
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Oh nah, I had to stop watching that during the first match. The Sly was pretty good, but the Cole was clearly in the learning stages and the Sir Dan was pitiful.

What about the Radec? :(

I only watched the first match.

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Magnum > Sniper

true in 1v1 setting articularly....(though I can combo into it...and if a drake gets too trigger happy I just switch moves) but I agree

Tranq < Radec's sticky grenade (idle O)

NOOOOOOOO way in hell tranq is better.... lol lol lol lol
the sticky nade interrupts or makes drake block or roll (hello opening for up throws) the tranq is not in the same class.

Grenade launcher (Nathan) > Grenade launcher (Radec)

you said:
"I know Drake's up square is more comparable, but see next point. Nathan's is on hit, and he fires his upward. It serves as anti-air, and you can actually be hit by it. Radec's can be walked pass, and is timed. It has few practical uses if you're not in an enclosed location, and honestly sucks, imo."
I agree...superbot screwed us radecs over there

Radec grenade > Nathan grenade

"I admit Radec's down square beats Nathan's up square soundly. It can interrupt incoming combos, work as an escape, and has actual worth. Nathan can bounce his off a wall for a defense, but other than that, I don't see much use for Nathan's grenade. Unless you're on the Dojo stage."

agree again...

Drake's barrel > Radec's up O and side O

They're not really comparable, but Radec's are significantly less useful. The angle he throws them are so only divekicks are affected. Jumping over his projectiles is very easy, and Radec lacks the tools to even prevent it. Nathan's barrel combos into his guns (Whereas Radec's electro grenade only combos into his shotgun, really), and controls the opponent's approach. The barrel is just good period.

^agreed but its like comparing apples and oranges....I really don't think there much contrast (ones anti air ons anti ground) I like those moves but I wish they were faster (or lasted a second longer)

Drake run n gun >>>>> Radec's Assualt Rifle

Do I need to explain why? Mobility. Higher AP gain. Can loop. Can cause knockback with gun bunt. Just plain better.


Radec flamethrower >Drake's gatling gun

no way is his gatling gun is better....the flamethrower is great for 2v2....does 30 dmg...stops incoming rush attacks (drakes slide) ...edge guards....

drakes gatling is strong but risky....radec flamethrower I use ALOT....

Drake's cqc= Radec's cqc

if we were to have a no projectiles match wed gain AP at the same rate....youd be more mobile...id be sending drake flying....drakes cqc outside of sliding isnt all that..
radecs a one hit wonder drake is combo and finesse..

Drake also has better mobility period (air machine gun/rope grind) as well as a ghetto divekick (down O), making his evading skills much better. I don't think I need to mention his cover ability.
yes but radec is surprisingly mobile....ghostwalk anyone? ill agree to what you said tho.

Radec's lvl 1 super = Drake's lvl 1 though.
if radec gets hit my projectile still connects....

Drake's level 2 = Radec's.

radecs goes thru walls....drakes range? poor in comparison

Radec lvl 3 > Drake's.
"Overall, in a 1v1 setting, I think Nathan deserves the title of keepaway king. Radec isn't too threatening in 1v1"

no ....youre idea of keep away is flawed....can drake attack from a distance as well as radec? is drakes knock back equal to radecs? no.

ill agree drake as he is now is the better character and a higher tier...but king of keepaway? nope

hes king of mid range

edited my original post for a few typos....theres prolly more but idc
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Crabhammar posted...
Oh nah, I had to stop watching that during the first match. The Sly was pretty good, but the Cole was clearly in the learning stages and the Sir Dan was pitiful.

course he was, im still new to this game
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