A list of characters that take skill

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Characters that take no skill
Sir Dan

Okay, you should probably get off the internet now
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i get it now, he's given up on scrubby complaint threads and gone on to trolling tier threads.
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These are like a collection of hatemails.
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Really, the Coles take skill and Heihachi doesn't? Admit it TC, this is a list of characters you use and characters you lose to.

that is correct.

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Jak actually takes more skill then what you said Retro. That wasn't even half... Jaks moves are far more complex...
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LightEcoSage posted...
Jak actually takes more skill then what you said Retro. That wasn't even half... Jaks moves are far more complex...

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Ratchet takes special zoning and his moves all have considerable lag. You have to use all of his tools to be effective instead of spamming one thing. The vacuum is slow and easy to avoid and his level 1 takes a good read and timing. His combos also take juggling vs mashing buttons.

Parappa is beginner friendly and has great supers (one that's guaranteed) and can camp and give free AP to him and his teammates.

Fattie P has soldiers that do big stun allowing her an easier combo into super than anybody else.

This list is way off. This isn't a "my favorite character vs the ones I hate" thread.

1) are you trying to say ratchet is hard? hes def one of the easiest characters.

2) PaRappa isnt used by newbies, he is a more advanced character who focuses mostly on wall bounce combos, and tries to hit rapid level 1s on properly juggled characters. hes easy to use against other newbies if you spam his mic grab, but against someone who knows what theyre doing, youll whiff far too long to ever do that, youll have to rely on your agility and quick wit, as well as challenge yourself with landing one of the harder level 1s of the game.

3) fat princess is one of the most challenging, shes very combo centric, and her combos arent readily obvious. she has a high skill cap. she isnt used much, probably the least played, but really powerful only if you know what youre doing. a newbie would just get wrecked with her. her level 1 is fairly slow, and not reliable unless comboed into, so a newbie would have a very difficult time playing a fighter where they would need to depend on a level 1.
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Heihachi has short range, just like parappa
He has a great lv 2 just like parappa
He has a worse lv1 than parappa.
He has harder burst combos than parappa.
Please shut up

heihachi has more priority than parappa does, and has hitstun off of many of his attacks which make it easier for a newer player. he isnt as reliant on combos, though he does have some simplstic ones.
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Jak actually takes more skill then what you said Retro. That wasn't even half... Jaks moves are far more complex...

jaks supers are the only thing that really requires skill to pull off. what part of his moveset do you find challenging? he isnt combo centric so he uses basic attack strings, and he has VERY situational combos that require little thought such as down circle into forward square, or some stuff with his air board on certain stages such as the stowaways which seems tailor suited for many of his aerial attacks. so situational. some of his moveset is useless, but i wouldnt say that makes him require skill, rather you should just ignore useless moves such as mass inverter.