A list of characters that take skill

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I enjoyed your post and your opinions are fine but I just found it odd that it seems like your personal view of wether a character is hard or easy is almost completely dependent on how many or how difficult their combos are. I have never been a combo type player in any game myself, I only like short ones and prefer to do frequent knock backs to force the opponent to re-approach me, which is my strongest asset. To me a harder but more preferable character to play is one that has has few combos but a large range of attacks in the arsenal where you'd have to learn each one and know when/where to use them properly
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Sly requires skill.
even with his counter.
I thought the fact that he has no great combos kind of reinforces the idea you need more skill to use him, since you cant just spam square like some characters to gain ap.
Nariko takes skill, and i only played with her a few times to know that.

ALSO, every character takes skill, MAYBE except kratos, but even still.
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PirateKing290 posted...
Cole's do not take skill dude...

You realize something as easy and commonplace as Squarex3 leads into a level 1 combo? Utterly brain dead.

You realize there's only a small chance it causes a crumple.
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Nariko? No skill? I'd like a bit more justification than that cert line of text that you gave her.
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Heihachi has NO range and is really easy to avoid entirely...