So, I searched "Crash" on these boards...

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How do you search for specific topics and words in a board?
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ConradimusPrime posted...
Mm irony. You just added another topic to that list :)

Crash is ok. His games are ok
I'd be ok (i guess )never seeing him again

my opinion^
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-BrokenSpiral- posted...
ConradimusPrime posted...
Crash is lame. His games are boring

Crash himself is alright though I prefer Spyro by a longshot, but his games are boring after I went back to play them. Recycled level designs and music made it a chore.

Same here. I still have the first 3 (and Wrath of Cortex) but they aren't as fun anymore because now it feels like 9 similar levels, a boss, then repeat. They're still okay though.
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