Sir Dan is the best character in the game for EVERYTHING (let me explain)

#1DB-RBPosted 1/12/2013 4:39:32 PM
Sir Dan got the best intros ever. When he takes off his head to greet you, that is just cool. Best intro: Sir Dan

He also has the best outros ever. When he drinks from that giant golden cup to celebrate the victory is totally amazing. It makes you regret ever facing him. And he keeps it for himself too. Best outro: Sir Dan

He also has the best taunts. That chicken dance makes you cringe in anger and puts you in shock since he totally dissed you. Best taunts: Sir Dan

He even has the best conclusion victory. When you go the the results menu after the match, Sir Dan is dancing in joy. No other character comes close to that perfection. Best conclusion victory: Sir Dan

He also got the best song ever. His third song is so beautifully made that it will make everyone want to main him. Best song: Sir Dan

He even got the best loss sequences. His losing outro shows him sitting on his own grave where he had died once before. Poor Sir Dan, makes you feel bad for him. Best losing outro: Sir Dan

His level 1 super can aim in three directions. His freeze arrow can set it up. Best level 1: Sir Dan

His level 2 has far range and follows you. It also kills any enemy directly above you. Best level 2: Sir Dan

His level 3 is overpowered and can even glitch giving unlimited kills. Best level 3: Sir Dan

He also has a shield that can absorb projectiles, a fire attack that gives ap if an enemy is standing on it, a chicken wing that has long range and can momentarily stun people, and an attack where he takes off his head and will chase you down and crumple you. Best circle attacks: Sir Dan

His triangle attacks are also overpowered. He has a freeze arrow that freezes you, a tackle attack that will knock you down or stun you if you equip your shield, an axe that has long range and better tracking than Spike's boomerang, and a hammer that has a good hitbox and sends people flying. Best triangle attacks: Sir Dan

His square attacks have long range and you can switch directions while striking. Many of these moves can knock you down too. Best square attacks: Sir Dan.
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So best EVERYTHING: Sir Dan. See how good he is?
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Oh really now?

Interesting... those past nominations sure had Sir Daniel marked in each category.
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Well to be honest he's not the worst character.
He does have the best taunt and outro, Jak on the other hand is terrible there's basically no pros for him. :|
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Lol he's the hardest rival for me on versus or arcade matches, he realeses his level 3 twice and I always get him on dojo or small arenas.
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see he's the best
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For 1v1 he's deadly. FFA... not so much.
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he the best
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I don't understand. He doesn't even use a single banana.