Anyone know any Radec combos?

#21robulastagePosted 1/14/2013 8:48:17 AM
Crabhammar posted...
Ugh, I still see LES in people's quotes. Guys, just ignore him. He wants your attention.

Anywho, I find that the Up Throw - Jump Kicks -Shotgun is actually a bit difficult and tight on timing. I just do throw to shotty because it's way easier :P

Alright, I'll ignore him, but only because of your name. Makes me think of Ash's Kingler! And Ash's Kingler is awesome.
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DireProphecy posted...
Also, squarex2 usually always can lead into grab unless they grab break.

^ill try that sounds good

honestly outside of wall bouncing (i improvise)
->+[] *pause* to ->+/\ is cake

up throw to jumpin [] [], jumping [] [], up /\ (shotgun) amazes most people but takes some practice..(good AP too)

if you can time this good enough ...teslite grenade first then ->[] will knock them into the shock and you can air shotty...

thats really far as i know
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