Another Tuesday with no Kat.....

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I thought they said they hope to announce just the release date for them between Jan 18th-20th, meaning it could be another month or so before we see them anyway. Why people are expecting them so soon even after they announced that is beyond me

Because they were announced almost 3 months ago, and people believed ign when they said early January. Besides how long does it take to finish a DLC pack? Sure it has everything the other characters do, but 3 months seems like more than enough time.

They even showed video footage of them, and it looked like they were pretty much complete. Dunno why it's taking so long.

Beside is not like Super Butt likes to test and balance their characters or something like we already saw with Jak, Sly, Kratos, Raiden or Drake or if they care to patch glitches either (character select glitch still happens to me)
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