Who on the board is best with who?

#21ApolloJusticeAAPosted 1/16/2013 1:05:37 PM
I am pretty good with spike but i would hardly go claiming I am the best personally I am the Best with him outta all the characters i use
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#22KarstienPosted 1/16/2013 1:08:54 PM
I'm a great Dante, but i'm pretty sure i'm not the best. Always new things to learn.
#23SnovvbubPosted 1/16/2013 1:09:16 PM
I'm the best Kat.
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#24blazin640Posted 1/16/2013 1:22:48 PM
I am the best Emmet.
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#25ArethaiPosted 1/16/2013 1:29:02 PM
I haven't been out Spike'd yet, but I'm sure there's plenty around who can.
#26CrabhammarPosted 1/16/2013 1:36:56 PM
lol dabuz = E. Cole of the century

I'd like to claim the G. Cole spot. Idk if I AM the best, but still :3
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#27Rlaur2Posted 1/16/2013 1:46:17 PM
From: Crabhammar | #026
I'd like to claim the G. Cole spot. Idk if I AM the best, but still :3

Have you fought Lakizzle yet?
#28Potatoman622Posted 1/16/2013 1:51:12 PM
redskinsrock26 posted...
AssassinHawkins posted...
I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty bombastic with Sly.

I think Heroicmedic uses this board, and at least according to the leaderboards he is the top 2v2 player (and uses Sly). I like to think I play at a very high level too, but his play style is literally the opposite of mine so I couldn't compare us even if I wanted to. I will assume he would win a 1v1 against me however.

Lol i feel the same way about my character. I'd like to think i am a pretty good fp, but there are several others. All of us play a little differently and any one is probably capable of beating the other in just 1 match.
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#29deredePosted 1/16/2013 1:52:24 PM
I play a mean PaRappa
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#30AndKevinBaconPosted 1/16/2013 1:53:10 PM
flame030191 posted...
AndKevinBacon posted...
I am the best Kratos.

I would honestly challenge that.

"Challenge"? Ha.