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4 years ago#1
hello everyone,

im new to this game and just lookin for people to play with so i can get better, it kinda sucks just to play a bunch of randoms who do nothing but insult for no reason.

psn: ImUsuallyHigh hit me up if ya wanna beat my noob ass
4 years ago#2
If there were more people like me the world would be a better place. That's just a fact. -Compass
4 years ago#3
I have a feeling this guy is some sort of pro
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4 years ago#4
Who do you play? I can teach you some stuff if you want.
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PSN: Bluechacho
4 years ago#5
Add me if you want I can show you the basics, I have a mic also.
PSASBR: Raiden
PSN: Omnisignificance
4 years ago#6
not good in this game at all, just lookin for peopleto play around with... last SB ive played was on N64 so this type of game is basically new to me
4 years ago#7
for all you know the randoms you've been playing are actually from this board
4 years ago#8
forgot to say who i use...

ive only beat the arcade mode with sweettooth, radec, heihachi, donte, and nathan so... one of those i guess? i found them all really fun anyways
4 years ago#9
Add me if you like. Sig.
XBL:Element H
4 years ago#10
Add me too. FP Main here working on toro. Can invite me whenever you'd like
PSN: YoninXI
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