I know what Edward's new Alternate costume should be! *DmC Spoilers BEWARE*

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At least Trivio was funnier than this guy.
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xxxRoxxieluvver posted...
Da very beginning of the game <3 <3.

No clothes alt for Edward Cullen <3 <3.

I knew Capcom and Ninja Theory loved me :D. I was messaging them EVERY DAY 4 this to happen and now it has finally come true ^^

BRB gonna message Superbott and Capcom constantly until they put in a nude Edward alt in da game :D.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Someones very happy...
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though i don't seem to get why peeps seem to hate edward, bella is the real problem:
she's manipulating hearts of two magical mutants.

the problem is what he is, instead of who he is.
a wizard.
i "not-hated" (insert bad thing here) before it was kewl.
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Where's the mods when you need them?

*facedesk while waiting*
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