Do you wish another character was in, in place of Sir Dan?

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lol I'm pretty sure retro once posted that "no one wanted Sir Dan."
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Disigmatism posted...
I love Sir Dan, it's just that he needs a buff. His supers are horrible and his mobility is annoyingly slow.

1) His supers are not bad, it just requires tech prediction (except level 2)

The only thing is to fix his LV 3's glitch. Bar that I agree with you RGN
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Retroxgamer0 posted...
so you wouldnt prefer like lara croft or someone better?
Well if my options are "Fortesque" and "some unknown character that is objectively better" then I suppose I would choose the latter. But that wasn't the question of the topic. The topic question is pretty poor anyway since even if I wanted another character, I'd rather they just add that person on instead of recalling every single copy of this game, removing Dan's data from them all, inserting a character into his cutscenes and data slots, and then resending the games.
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