What rank is your Kratos?

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4 years ago#11
Mines is 40...i only use him when the glitch online does the character switch...it sucks.
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4 years ago#12
I was honestly ashamed to use him so I hardly touched him.
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4 years ago#13
like 104. Because of arcade, combat trials, and another character for daily goals
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4 years ago#14
Rank 9999, iM da best Kraos out dere, u kno im da best bcuz I only use da toppest tier chrcters, I have 6969 confirmed kills and can kill u in 30 diffrent ways, bettaa watch out SUCKAS
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4 years ago#15
36, from his arcade mode and or or two applications of the old character select bug.
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4 years ago#16
The type of people who SquareSquareSquare their way to victory are not the same people who frequent message boards for fun :-P
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4 years ago#17
42. Arcade, a brief stint in online, and trails combined. Honestly i couldn't stand playing as him, so I quit.
4 years ago#18
116 I think.

I have every character in the 110 to 130 range.
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