characters people complain about that arent overpowered

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Once I was in a 2v2 match where I got character switch glitched into Sly(whom I have only used to complete his arcade mode on easy mode for trophy completion) and when the match starts, I have no partner and no idea how to play my character. So my strategy is 'mash buttons til I get a level 1' and wouldn't you know it, I end up winning the 2v1, going invisible to survive a non-cinematic level 3 along the way.

I didn't really think so before, but after that experience, I knew Sly had to be nerfed.
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Great another stupid retro topic I swear you never learn.
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I agree for the most part, though Sir Dan is still waiting for the nerf.
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How is Drake overpowered? Yes, he has barrels. What else does he have that's so overpowered?
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Retroxgamer0 posted...
wwinterj25 posted...
Maybe a buff for Sweet Tooth that's about it.

lol no way sweet tooth is one of the best in the game. if anything they need to buff his lvl2 and nerf his lvl1 by giving it 50ap more requirement.

Can you read? If so you just contradicted yourself and in the process repeated what I said.
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TIL annoying = OP
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robulastage posted...
How is Drake overpowered? Yes, he has barrels. What else does he have that's so overpowered?

Drake owns the entire cast free of charge with fatty putting up the best fight