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2 years ago#1
So first off, how do I unlock them? Some people have them from reading their gamefaqs post and I just imagine how much fun it would be to play as Raiden with Daxter on your shoulder. Almost as fun as playing as Radec and Clank.

Serious question guys.............
2 years ago#2
SisterMister posted...
Serious question guys.............

Mmmkay, serious answer.

You don't.
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2 years ago#3

*Eats popcorn and watches*
Like it or not you're going down! ~New VA Jak
Even Pecker could take em! ~Daxter
(message deleted)
2 years ago#5
Was about to correct you on your title and

Lol. Luckily I read the rest.
There goes my free time
2 years ago#6
radec and clank .go to helghast

jack and daxter the Precursor Revengence

...that could be interesting
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Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)
2 years ago#7
atopthemountain posted...

Precursor Revengence

Badass Cyborg Precursors incoming.

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