3 months for 2 DLC characters is ridiculous

#21sinncrossPosted 1/26/2013 7:51:29 AM
Raven-Z posted...
but 3 months for the whole Superbot team to push them out is just...slow..

1) SB is a small team.
2) They are also working on patches.
3) They are also working on the Fearless level.
4) These characters need a lot of work: not just their models, animations for their fighting but even little things like their position on Heihachi's level 3, their swimming animation.
5) Backgrounds, Icons, and intro/ outro art needs to be made.
6) Fine tuning of moveset needs to be done.

There is a lot of stuff which a small group needs to get done. It is not easy. That said, Omar has already said they hope to get he next DLC out sooner (the one being announced in March)
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