Toro is the cancer of PSASBR

#21NnamzPosted 1/25/2013 6:53:38 PM
Toro's best strategy exposes the 2 biggest problems with the game.

comboable L1's

No character should be able to go from 0 AP into a level 1 in 1 combo. It essentially means 1 hit and you're dead in 1v1's and in a lot of 2v2 scenarios.

air camping

Since long combos are not possible against airborne opponents, characters with air combo starting moves can just keep jumping over and over again while spamming them, especially if they are save, like Toro's.

Both Toro and Fat Princess can exploit this. They are constantly jumping making it impossible to get them with anything other than a simple 20 AP hit here and there, and when they get you they can easily and safely combo into their level 1's.

Love the game, play it all the time, but these are fundamental issues which cannot be patched and need to be addressed in a sequel.
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