Sorry everyone... Bad news... No sequal for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

#31squirrel_boyPosted 1/26/2013 7:55:05 PM
Last month: Superbot hiring people = sequel!!!
Now: Superbot laying people off = no sequel :((((
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NewMoonShadow posted...
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From: Bestia_Somnia | #009
Superbot are hiring though, so people being fired barely changes anything.

Probably for another non-Sony game.

Yes, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable assumption given current knowledge of the fact that they are currently working on this Sony game and are saying they're planning to continue working on this Sony game. Let's just assume the next thing they do is a non-Sony game based on Jack-S***.

Maybe the ones who were laid off were the punks who coded in serious gamebreaking bugs, or who were supposed to remove said bugs but just never got around to it. Did anyone ever think of this?

Given the apparent lack of intelligence and baseless assumptions of many posters on this baord I don't think many people have.
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IIRC isnt it somewhat normal for developers to have layoffs after the crunch time that comes shortly before a game is released? I thought I had read that somewhere, that they start with X number of people, hire more and more as development goes on, then have layoffs after release, only to go through the cycle again. But maybe im thinking of something else.
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