The "nerf" has not prevented ANY of the characters from still being OP.

#11dadkwasherePosted 1/26/2013 11:06:32 PM(edited)
I agree.
"Counterman needs his level 1 to be stopped and from my experience with the ai sly, needs some sort of handicap on his countering good lord if a player is able to emulate that it would be a total nightmare.
Raiden needs most of his hit confirms removed. He has to many ways to do it. An alternative is to add more ap needed for all three of his supers, so he has a reasin to hit confirm.
Kratos REALLLY needs that reduction on ap. He gains it way too fast. If they do that, I dont care how far his moves reach, Ill manage.
Raiden: NRAGH why is I no loved?
Big Boss: You need to find a more political solution...tasty.