here are some tips for killing nariko

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4 years ago#1
Ill give you some scenerios and tell you how to dodge them.

-Nariko presses square-square-square: you should simply block, and then punish her after the third hit, as she leaves herself wide open. feel free to use a combo on her, and chain it into a full super, because there are no other characters as terrible as this one, that leave themselves wide open on a basic attack.

-Nariko uses Down Triangle: simply block. if you cannot block, then you should block when you are dragged to her, because it will simply result in another square combo. the only thing that she can use that poses a threat is a throw, but since her supers are garbage, this is low risk. infact just give her ap so she can do her level 2 so you can kill her while shes stationary.

-Nariko jumps over and over pressing up square air: this is her most dangerous move. somewhere along the line, nariko players start realizing how none of her moves actually work, so they resort to spamming. the reason this is dangerous is because it reliably leads into narikos one single good move that she has, her aerial circle grab. if this hits you, you will have no choice but to eat a vicious 3 hit combo. narikos 3 hit combo is legendary, it will hit you 3 full times. since nariko is used to being blocked and punished on every move she ever does, she will get amazing gratification from landing this. the player in control of nariko at home may even have a mild orgasm on contact. what you should do is simply fight another player when you see this, while facepalming. if you want to be more deadly then just focus on when she lands and laying into her, and spamming aerial dodges so she cannot air hump you

-the dreaded air hump 3 hit combo. be careful, nariko players are horny for any hits they can potentially get. they dont get many, so its like theyre sexual deviants.

-narikos missle projectile: the best thing to do here is to simply walk away from it. you can infact run faster than the missle, but you want to walk, to really rub in how useless it is. feel free to gloat by using a counter move if you are a swordsmen...and if you can reflect projectiles, do it. not that it will hit her either, its too slow.

-nariko does down circle: nariko is capable of stunning you, so she can then just simply launch you and try to hump you again. luckily this move is so slow, that she leaves herself open for quick supers or combos. if you are parappa or sackboy simply kill her and taunt. if not, block it, and punish. just like every other move nariko does.

-nariko does a lvl1 super: oh no! its a weaker variant of drake's lvl1 but isnt aimable! not to worry. simply roll away from it. it cannot be used unless on the same level of height as nariko, so platforms play against her, if you want to humilate her, feel free to use that to your advantage.

-nariko does lvl2 super: her turret can potentially kill you, but its really slow, and shes stationary, so you can kill her with a super if you get close. sweet tooth, sackboy, drake, whatever you can get away with. getting behind her turret and firing drakes lvl1 is a good idea as she has to turn her turret slowly to focus on you, by then you can already kill her with a lvl1. some like to roll around her to focus on the slowness of turning the turret, and its deadzone when you are close to it. jumping above the turret works even better because it has a blind spot. it cannot kill anything above it.

-nariko does her lvl3 super. this is the only way she can ever win a match, so make sure you learn about dodging this super. her aerial attacks are very hard to get you with, and very low range, whereas her ground attacks are faster and have a wider range. her leaping aerial attack is atrocious, its the worse part of the super, so stay airbourne and stay away from melee range, you should only eat 1-2 deaths max, maybe 0 if you can air dodge well. if its 0 and it could be, then feel free to facepalm @ her.
4 years ago#2
Why was this needed? :0
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4 years ago#3
-nariko spams taunts. "you call yourself a warrior?": this is by far her scariest ability other than the air hump. she will try and act better than you when she clearly is not. theres nothing more annoying than someone who is needlessly cocky. try not to get overly aggressive, because she might take advantage of your mistakes and hump you. and remember this can lead to a very dangerous air hump which gives the nariko player irl sexual gratification
4 years ago#4 not reading all of that goodbye.
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4 years ago#5
I'd...kinda wanna face you
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4 years ago#6
naruko243 posted...
I'd...kinda wanna face you

Are you a girl by chance?
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4 years ago#7
Not at all, full blown male
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4 years ago#8
You put a LOT of time into your crap.
4 years ago#9
i forgot about her discs..nariko likes to throw discs. they dont actually set up or do anything, or add to her 3 hit combo, but they look really cool. if you play nariko too much, you might throw your actual game disc like a frisbee in a fit of rage, just like nariko does.
4 years ago#10
Funniest thing I've read all year.
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