Switched to a character with a HC to Level 1. WOW, such a difference, crazy

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DanE4764 posted...
I actually love seeing what the TC will come up with next. It's just rediculus.

I would love for you to produce a solid rebuttal to any of the things I have said that are, what you claim, ridiculous............BUT we know you cant do that and WILL NEVER produce anything of substance.

Typical gamefaqs troll. The only thing you will respond with is a logical fallacy or two most likely, calling it now.
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I used to cook a specific kind of cake that took two hours, can't tell you which one it is.
I am now cooking a different one, which I will never reveal, that takes only half the time!

I also like making topics with no useful information, just to complain about the first category of cakes.

Don't ask me anything about it! This topic is JUST to amuse myself, don't want anyone asking silly questions! I will get MAD if you do!
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Potatoman622 posted...
I love the part on pages 9 or 10 where TC posted like 15 messages in a row lol

Learn to 50 per page kid.

And I tried to reply to everyone individually, are you gonna cry about that now as well. Seriously all you seem to do here is make claims, tuck your tail and hide scared, never back up the things you claim like a man, then do some terrible trolling.

What a sad sad kid you are.
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darkcloudrepeat posted...
Looking through the thread...
I get this sense of Deja-vu every second page or so.

Yeah, trolls saying the same thing, attacking me instead of trying to refute the things I have said.

Logical fallacies abound! BUt thats all trolls are able to do once confronted. Thankfully that stuff doesnt work in the real world.
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Prismsblade posted...
^Someone just had to revive this huh.

It was a good topic until it was derailed by trolls who cant comprehend very well.
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Ultima78 posted...
*enters topic*
*sees TC*

What a well thought out post, I love how you elaborated and were able to produce anything that justifies why you choose to act this way. How cute.

You are better off leaving. Bye troll.
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Heroicmedic92 posted...
Umm there should br no lvl 1 hit confirms at all..

There should be none or every character should have a non gimmick one.

Seems like such an oversight at this point.
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PielordX posted...
Guys, ffs. Stop bumping this, he doesn't have the game.

*yawn* You are one sad loser, I really love how you just say random crap, baseless accusations, lies.


Please continue to get owned.