Switched to a character with a HC to Level 1. WOW, such a difference, crazy

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Kratos_Is_Bald posted...
Woah. Can't remember the last time I posted on the 'FAQs. I think it was the UMvC3 release.

This thread is so bad that it transcended boundaries and brought me in from NeoGAF, where literally thousands of people are laughing how bad of a troll the TC is.

Though I don't understand why he switched from Kratos to Raiden though. I mean sure HC to Level 1 is one thing, but Kratos is pretty good without it.

Still quite hilarious. Its funny how people are STILL incorrectly and ignorantly calling me a troll when several people HAD NO ISSUES AT ALL not bringing up irrelevant issues into the topic.

Still even funnier how the dumbass people of GameFAQS are still clinging to that point while several other users had no issues not bringing that up.

Idiots man, so hilarious, I cant believe people like this clown are STILL so butthurt and emotional I wouldnt answer an irrelevant question. They toss around troll, yet NEVER can actually point out anything I said that would ACTUALLY be considered trolling. You clowns are sad, yet hilarious.

Keep it coming.
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dadkwashere posted...

I created a, topic to find, out his main. He was very cooperative, although it was, kind of weird he wouldnt say it here. Still it was his topic.

Truth, I answered your question with no issue. Although it didnt end as you may have wanted it to, am I wrong?

I just dont get how people here can act this way.....oh wait, the no accountability of the internet. Haha.
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atopthemountain posted...
Zero shame was prolly radec

Maybe, maybe not, the answer to that is quite irrelevant. Went from those who have not to those who have.
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dadkwashere posted...
atopthemountain posted...
Zero shame was prolly radec

Fat princess actually

Maybe, maybe not, the answer to that is quite irrelevant. Went from those who have not to those who have.
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atopthemountain posted...

FP doesnt have a HC?

Shes got at least 2 iirc.
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dadkwashere posted...

I believe she does, he might have not been using it. I barely play as her so im not too sure myself.

Once again, completely irrelevant to the discussion. Why was this so hard for some yet so easy for others. I expect this point to be completely avoided by the idiots here.
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Myles98 posted...
Logical phalluses


Fits the idiots that ruined this topic to a T tbqh. Lol the no accountability of the internet is quite the boon for these clowns.
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dadkwashere posted...
DanE4764 posted...


One must ask why the idiots ruined this topic in the first place by getting all angry and emotional because someone wouldnt answer an irrelevant question, no?
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TC your obsession with keeping this topic going is just becoming pathetic
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