why does superbot want to buff heihachi?

#1Retroxgamer0Posted 1/28/2013 12:04:28 PM
they namedropped heihachi as one of the characters most in need of a buff but thats crazy, hes really good.
#2DireProphecyPosted 1/28/2013 12:07:47 PM
The way I see it, he's like Raiden but with less range, inferior supers, and inferior lvl 1 hit confirms. So sure, why not buff him.
#3Retroxgamer0(Topic Creator)Posted 1/28/2013 12:13:18 PM
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#4Reece504Posted 1/28/2013 12:18:07 PM
not really anybody with good keep away will out run kuma costing you to waste a whole special
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#5PrismsbladePosted 1/28/2013 12:18:56 PM
Both their lv2s are about equal in my eyes, raiden has one if the best lv1s though due to its multi kill potential, and numerous hitconfirms into it. Their lv3 suck, and should never be used other then to troll.
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#6DireProphecyPosted 1/28/2013 12:21:19 PM
Retroxgamer0 posted...
his supers are definately better than raidens, infact the lvl2 is the strongest lvl2 in the game.

Raiden's level 1 and level 3 are obviously better than Heihachi's... Level 2 I suppose is debatable though I am pretty sure most people would agree Raiden's is better, because Kuma is not that hard to avoid.
#7Chzrm3Posted 1/28/2013 12:24:42 PM
Retroxgamer0 posted...
his supers are definately better than raidens, infact the lvl2 is the strongest lvl2 in the game.

Heihachi's level 2? No way, man. It's so situational and so easy to mess with the bear's AI. I'm pretty sure the bear dies if he goes off edges too, one time I activated it on Stowaways and he jumped after someone who was hanging off the plane and then disappeared, even though he had just spawned.

Sackboy's level 2 is a free kill with no set-ups required. In 2 v 2, a little bit of patience means it's either a free double kill or you zone the other team and force them to play completely separately. That's really strong, and honestly just the threat of that level 2 has gotten me to an easy level 3 so many times as Sackboy, because people are afraid of clumping up.

On occasion, I've seen Hei's level 2 go crazy on certain maps. Dojo, the beginning of Stowaways if he can push himself to level 2, etc... but you can counter-pick Hei by playing on a stage like Paris or Sandover, and then his level 2 is pooptrocity.

Not that I'm saying he's bad, I just don't think you can say his level 2 is the best in the game. : >
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#8GrindRaXcessPosted 1/28/2013 12:27:38 PM
Best lv2 is Big daddys imo.
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#9jhoke13Posted 1/28/2013 1:19:14 PM
GrindRaXcess posted...
Best lv2 is Big daddys imo.

I disagree. I've been able to avoid BD's level 2 completely several times by air dodging and if you are using a character with good mobility you can get away pretty easily.
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#10blaze19_0XPosted 1/28/2013 1:28:37 PM
Air camping completely wrecks Heihachi and his only good AP bursts/setups into level 1 require the foe to be grounded and usually right next to him.

Thus, he gets zoned out a bit too easily.

He could do with a bit more range on his aerials.

He has to rely on level 2s for kills which is essentially a gamble as it all depends on how good the AI is at the moment. Sometimes Kuma is smart, other times he's stupid.

Thus Heihachi is probably low tier.