Ok, so when/if Superbot is able to patch the game...

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Because clearly the fact that every other fighting game uses small stages and not just Smash means they must have all copied Smash and has nothing to do with the fact that it's because it's smart design.

I'm beginning to think Kind has literally never touched a fighting game before this.

You could hate Smash to death and still realize the stages are way too big in this game.

Its built around the size here, all you do is suggest Smash mechanics.

Why try to make an attack on me? Also if we are that you don't even play this game yet you preach about how it should be changed.

Some stages are too big for some reasons but for the most part they are fine, its the poor stage layout that needs fixing.

Dashing is a Smash only mechanic now? Man, KoF is a rip off.

If you are so clever lets see if you can figure out why this post makes you look foolish.

Well, the only added mechanic we're talking about in this thread is dashing, so...
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Patch? LOL.
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Patch? LOL.

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