Poll-What's your favourite Platform Fighting Game?!

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Rainbowsaurus posted...
Hmmm...after remembering Marth trips the most, I wanna say Melee, but Dedede is like my favorite character.

There's a 1% chance of tripping everytime any character initiates a dash in Brawl, it's not character dependant, you just got unlucky with Marth.
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NDgamer1122 posted...
SSBB, followed closely by PSAS.

I REALLY wanted PSAS to beat SSBB, but Brawl is still up there in my mind. It's one of the few reasons I even keep my Wii.

dont own a wii but i agree

PSASBR just lacks the "experience" to do other modes outside of the basic....Brawl gave lots of options

dont get a hard on trolls....i still think PSASBR2 will knock SSB out the water
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1. Allstars
2. Brawl
3. Digimon
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