Sign if you have never ragequit

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3 years ago#21
"Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's Undeniable."
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3 years ago#22
Sign. If I was a rage quitter, I'd rage quit every match because I'm terrible and always lose.
3 years ago#23

Ragequitting only makes you look bad anyways.
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3 years ago#24
Sign, there's no need when you usually win. My roommate did once because we were getting blown out because I was trying a new character. I got mad at him about that because you can use the garbage time to practice moves and improve.

people who quit should spend more time trying to get better at the game instead.
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3 years ago#25
I've quit before but it wasn't a rage quit. It was in tatsunoko vs capcom and the lag was just horrible! And when I say horrible I mean characters move like every 5 seconds along with input lag.

Other than that and something else similar I have never raged quit because I got my ass beat.
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3 years ago#26
Sign x100000000000

Only time Id rage quit is in COD, other than that, I take my beating as a man! :)
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3 years ago#27
Sign, even if I'm being clobbered.
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3 years ago#28

I dont see the point, win or lose i play to have fun.
3 years ago#29
I impatiently quit, where i die early in stocks rare occasion. The match is taking forever because ppl wanna run away until they get a lv3 then they miss completely...
3 years ago#30
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