PSASBR singles match

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4 years ago#1
double entendre
whats w kicking game over..ah.....this game >_>.....
fellas need too stop mackin over mics.... you wont get a chicks number over a FFA match...
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Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)
4 years ago#2
This is quite possibly the worst user on GameFAQs:
4 years ago#3
My head hurts from trying to read this post. I'll just nod and smile.
One who knows nothing can understand nothing - GamerTag: wwinterj/PSN wwinterj
4 years ago#4
ive come across 7 matches within the month w guys playin against a girl and the guys will actually try to make some if thatd work
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)
4 years ago#5
I'm a lonely single, is this the right thread for me?
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